Lets agree to disagree.

In my opinion, any system that create activity on the bands can't be bad for all.

Lou  KE1F

On 12/12/2012 7:55 AM, Art R8TX wrote:

  KR4OJ wrote:

  K>  In my opinion, the Leading Band/Slot Stations, leader board
K>  feature on Club Log, is a serious problem with DXing. It just
K>  promotes multiple QSOs and QRM, mostly from stations who do not
K>  need the contact anyway. Most don’t need the contact and will not
K>  QSL or contribute to the expedition. Just a chance to get their
K>  call highlighted on another bulletin board, with a “Hey look at me”... 
A’int I great.

K>  Jess  KR4OJ

100 % agree, the Clublog thing is a pure evil!

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