First of all i don't like the way leaderboard works. The leaderboards help activity of big pistols who want to satisfy their ego and they work a dxpedition agn and agn even they have worked agn in all modes and bands that country. But i don't think clublog blames on it. Clublog does a perfect job, it helps all of us with propagation, online logs, etc and it is finally a very useful tool. We are the problem when we don't use as it should. It's about the same when ARRL introduced dxcc challenge. Now is tougher to work a dxpedition than before challenge. And maybe was similar when they introduced dxcc modes... If ARRL makes a dxcc blabla where we must work 3000 entities in several modes and several bands... then all will be ok? It will make more difficult a little pistol to catch a new one. The other way it is sure that if a dxpedition selects a different approach on leaderboards, the activity will be reduced. Maybe a solution is Clublog publices the number of unique calls worked and not the number of qsos. This will be a motive for the dxpeditioners. But i insist that the problem, first of all is our ego... Let's try to see our hobby in a different way...

73...Kostas, SV1DPI

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