Every transaction-oriented software system has a performance bottleneck that
limits its throughput. Eliminating that bottleneck -- either by improving
the software or upgrading the hardware -- always reveals the next

The ARRL has determined that LotW's throughput is limited by the rate at
which new QSOs can be inserted into the database, and has ordered a new
storage subsystem to eliminate this bottleneck. This step is necessary, but
may or may not be sufficient; we should know in 4-6 weeks.

At present, ~50% of the QSOs uploaded to LotW are duplicates. There are
several practical ways to reduce the load that these duplicates impose on
LotW without imposing onerous requirements on users; at least one of them
will be implemented.

The ARRL is now providing daily LotW status updates and hourly LotW Queue
Length updates, a level of transparency we have  long sought and should
further encourage. Cynical, sarcastic, non-constructive posts
second-guessing the ARRL's course of action are not the best way to
accomplish this.

I am not suggesting that anyone back off on expressing their interest in
seeing LotW restored to reliable service.  The constructive message to send
to ARRL management and representatives is this: 

"I'm glad that ARRL management is finally attending to LotW and hope that
this first step is sufficient; but if it's not, I expect them to waste no
time in taking the follow-on actions required to bring LotW to an acceptable
level of throughput and reliability, keeping the user community abreast of
their efforts".


               Dave, AA6YQ

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