I really believe that the OQRS system is a real benefit  for getting QSL's from 
major DXpeditions. I am sure it is much easier for the DXped QSL managers and 
provides a small donation to the group . It has worked very well for me on all 
previous DXped's.  It is, however, only as good as the manager's running the 

I had been told that the ZK2C OQRS cards came out quite a while ago, but I had 
received nothing here. I have the receipt number from PayPal so I know they got 
my funds and request. I finally sent an email to DL7JAN and he said his records 
indicated he had sent mine, but he would send another. After many weeks of 
waiting and not receiving anything, I sent another email and he answered that 
he was pretty sure he had sent it. I waited additional weeks and still nothing 
came. My last 2 emails have been ignored. 

Has anyone had a similar experience on OQRS for this operation?? I guess 
another option would be to contact PayPal and tell them I received nothing for 
the fee that I paid. Not sure what that would accomplish other than letting 
them know that this person doesn't deliver on what he has been paid for. I am 
out over $4 USD now and got nothing. 

John Owens -  N7TK 

Celebrating over 50 Years in Ham Radio 
No. 1 Honor Roll 

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