I took a 1st phone course from NRI back in 1965 and took two courses in
electronics from the physics department at UNC at Chapel Hill in 1966
and 1967. There was some things we learned about ones and zeros back
then, but that was over 40 years ago.  I worked in broadcasting until
1984, but everything was analog. It seems to me that if we can put 80
minutes of high fidelity stereo music on a compact disk, a whole movie
on a DVD, and three seperate channels of digital TV on one previously
analog channel, we should be able to transmit high fidelity and qrm free
phone signals on the ham bands. I wish one of you digital "Geeks"  would
invent something like that for amateur radio. I know CW and psk, etc is
called digital, but it seems to me that someone who has more training
than me could come up with something better. In a pile-up the receiver
could lock on one digital signal that was the strongest. Or, you would
have a spectrum like is on digipan and you could click your mouse on the
signal and copy it. Why not?
Jim N4JA 

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