A few weeks ago I sent a (first) paypal request to Vlad for 6 band su9vb 
contacts and a 
separate request for 4o7vb, 4w0vb and e40vb. I always put a summary of contact 
in the message field. The reply cards for the 4w, e4 and 4o came from Texas 
(his xyl?)
within 2 weeks (March), but no reply for the su9. Without any further inquiry 
from me,
he emailed me to ask if I had the su9 cards, and when I said they had not 
he wrote back to say he was re-sending them on his dime, and indeed they arrived
last week, along with un/ua4whx and hc2/ua4whx which I then asked to have 

Perhaps there is a mail issue to prompt him to ask me (and you, Mark) to ask if 
cards have arrived.

Vlad's QSLing has been 100% for me.  And the card's photography makes it worth 
getting them
all, IMO. The images capture an essence of local life in the places he visited. 
73 Bob k2euh

---- Mark Robinson <mark...@mindspring.com> wrote: 
> MessageHe e-mailed me to see if I had my card. I said that I didn't have it. 
> He must have dealt with it because it arrived here today
> Mark N1UK
>   ----- Original Message ----- 
>   From: Jeff Freedman 
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>   Sent: Thursday, 18 April, 2013 10:29 PM
>   Subject: [DX-CHAT] QSL from Palestine
>   Greetings to all ... really glad to see the banter picking up here.
>   Has anyone received a QSL from E40VB? Worked Vlad last May on 24.8 MHz.
>   Appreciate any feedback. Hope to met you at Dayton!
>   Thanks and Gud DX - Jeff K7JF
>   ----------------------------------------
>   Jeff Freedman
>   Gig Harbor (Wauna), Washington
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