>Just received word that Dan is leaving Swan Island today and heading
>straight for Vivorillos NA-223. This is a bit of a deviation from
>the original plans, but as we all know his travel is dependant on
>the Honduran Navy's schedule.
>With these changes Dan is only going to be able to take one antenna,
>so he will most likely be active on either 20m or 15m. As it stands
>right now he will be on Vivorillos for 1 or 2 days only. This will
>be a disappointment to a lot of people, however he is at the mercy
>of the Honduran Navy for transportation and their needs come first.
>Dan will then return to Swan Island but not sure how long he will be
>there. Hopefully he will get a little more operating time before he
>has to return to main land Honduras.
>Updates will follow..
>Col MM0NDX @ <http://hriotas.com/>HR-IOTA <http://hriotas.com/>website

Jack Hartley
#1 DXCC Honor Roll
"Celebrating over 1/2 century in Ham Radio"

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