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KA2HTV, Dave, made it back to Beijing, China after spending two weeks
in North Korea.  Unfortunately Dave was unable to operate.  His
equipment was confiscated by government officials, meanwhile Dave was
waiting for the equipments to be released.  After the other foreign
delegates left, this was the time Dave was supposed to put in more
time, he was summoned to meet with NPRK authorities.  Apparently the
official, a Spanish man, who told Dave that he would be "given
permission" was not authorized to do so.  Dave was then told by the
ministry of communications they would take his license and "look into
getting" him permission.  Obviously this was a shock to Dave who is
needless to say very disappointed.  A lot of work, time and expense
have been put into this project.  However Dave, says "I saw signs of
hope for the future."  Much of the equipment was kept by the 
officials who accepted the donation and gave a thank you letter.  
Dave was able to give a talk to the P5 officials about Amateur Radio. 
 Dave was expected back in New York late Tuesday, August 23rd.

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