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We wish to announce that the expedition to Heard Island has been rescheduled 
for January, 
2015. The primary reason for this decision was the cost of using the preferred 
vessel, the 
Marion Dufresne to put the team on Heard Island for the required time. In spite 
of extensive 
negotiations and rescheduling of the cruise, it became clear that the cost of 
using this vessel 
will exceed $1 million, and therefore the total cost for the project would be 
about $1.5 million, 
as we noted earlier. In spite of our plan to increase the team size to 50 
(which the M-D can 
accommodate) to partially cover this cost, we reluctantly concluded that 
sponsorship at this 
level would be impossible. We have therefore decided to delay the expedition to 
2015, to allow more time to restructure the project, locate a more suitable 
vessel, and bring 
the cost more in line with projected available resources.

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