One of my mentors was Bob - W2LV, and I am originally from Sussex County. My
story is on QRZ.COM . . . I was not a DX-er but a "CW traffic man" in the
70's . . . as a kid.

Anyway, a friend recommended that I post this on your reflector:

Hello First of all - the team on FT5ZM have all upped their ante - and have
increased their personal cost from 10K to 12K ++, so - I can only hope you
have donated generously so these guys don't get "dinged" again. I have -
directly and via clubs and foundations that total over $200.00. I wish I
could do more - but I can't.

FT5ZM is a harbinger of what is to come for such remote DX-peditions, and
FT5ZM is not even south of the "Roaring 40's"!


We have entered a new era, where such entities may never be activated again
- at least on a large scale. Forget about access - and complaining about the
US F&W - that's child's play. COST will be the limiting factor.

The biggest hope I have is that "two people in a sailboat" actually
activated Heard island in days or yore. I expect DX-peditions are soon going
to look a lot like Tomi and George and a lot less like VP6DX . . . .

I'm thinking Heard, South Sandwich, Bouvet, Kerguelin, Crozet, etc, etc, etc

Think about it - but TODAY - throw a few extra shekels towards FT5ZM! That
is coming up sooner than you think!

Thanks and 73,



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