Last night I received the following info from hrane for
release to DX community.

73  Nenad   VE3EXY   ...

P.S. They are now back to Yugoslavia, with NO QSO made.


In one word it was a thrill !!!

We arrived to Pyongyang on March 5-th, where we were welcomed
by representatives of Ministry of Telecommunications and
Foreign Affairs.

We were stationed in YANGAKDO Hotel, on the bank of the river
with the same name. The hotel has 47 floors, and we were on
the 40-th floor, with almost ideal conditions for work. All our
equipment was put together, and we were about to start our
operation with previously assigned callsign P5A.

Unexpectedly the uniformed military official appeared, and
imposed ban on our operation, until the permission of military
authorities is obtained.

It was supposed to be available on March 8-th, but nobody
showed up, possibly because of holiday. We did not want to
risk starting unauthorized operation. Meanwhile we had fun
listening all pirates pretending to be us, when we did not
make a single contact.

Finally, the military official showed up on Sunday and
simply said: "No transmission until further notice."

Than we did not have any choice but to leave. After landing
in Beijing, our only comment was: Never Again !!!

73  Hrane  YT1AD
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