Question: Hi Bill,
   Lately there have been several posts on the DX and NEWS reflectors
concerning the North Korea Radio License issued to Martii Lane (OH2BH). In
view of recent developments concerning YT1AD and P5/4L4FN there is some
doubt in the Amateur community that a valid license was issued to Mr. Lane.
I wonder, just for my own information, if Martii was actually issued a
license, or was he operating from a verbal agreement. I wonder how difficult
it would be to post his license on the ARRL web site? Thanks!

73, Mick  W4YV

Answer: Hi Mick:

Long time no hear! Hope you are doing well.

Martti Lane had proper documentation for his operation. His operation was
definitely not under verbal conditions.

The question has come up often regarding the posting of documentaion for all
to see. In short, we are not at liberty to do this. This is because we are
not the owners of it. Documentation we receive is solely the property of the
sending government and the person who provided it to us.

Again, nice to hear from you and all the best!

Bill Moore NC1L

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