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This is incorrect.  The only QSOs from 4W East Timor, now called Timor-Leste, that do not count are QSOs between May 20, 2002 and early May 2003.  I think the only station that this would pertain to is 4W6MM.  I don’t think there were any other 4W operations between those dates.


No official word has been made about Removing or Adding East Timor/Timor-Leste!


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Forgive me if this isn't an appropriate question for this reflector. I think it's news, at least to me.


A DXer friend claims that DXCC credit for all of the initial 4W (East Timor) operations back in 2000 are going to be revoked because the documentation was not issued by the proper authorities (he thought maybe the licenses were issued by the UN, which would make it a different entity that is now deleted.) He thought some of the recent operations are legitimate for East Timor and will be accepted for credit. I haven't seen anything about this in the ARRL bulletins or anywhere else (though I admit to possibly not paying close enough attention.) Is this true? If so, which operations are OK?


Here are the operations I've worked:


4W6GH (04/03/00)

4W/N5KO (04/03/00)


4W6MM (11/25/00 -- CQWW CW)


4W3CW (05/25/03 -- CQ WPX CW)


Are any (all) of these good?


73, Dick WC1M



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