let me know if  you find out anything .  i have sent twice in the last 2 years ( with gs, irc AND SASE) to try to get it confirmed on 10 meters.  emailed without response too. 

my question is: why bother to operate the station if there is no follow up on qsls?  but i guess it's the same as some special events stations (or big-gun contesters) who don't think it is part of the operating (duty?) of a station.

personally, i would find it embarassing if i were involved in an operation from such a high visibility station that can't find it's way to get a card into the US postal system (we're not talking some small, poor,  undeveloped  nation with starving postal workers stealing envelope contents).  or get a REAL qsl manager (i volunteered but like i said no answer to email).

sorry for the soap box, steve.  just came in from the (FINALLY DRY!) backyard and i think the heat got to me.

73 de steve, kz2i

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