go to your camera shop...they sell these nice lead bags......and they're not that 

For QSL card pictures, I recommend a digital camera with HIGH resolution....you have a 
lot more flexibiltiy in cropping/editing for that 'perfect' shot.


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>Here's a long-ish article about travelling with film:
>  http://www.artwolfe.com/archive/tips_02.html
>NEVER NEVER EVER put film in your suitcase - those X-ray machines WILL KILL it.
> Put it in your carry-on instead.  It's often OK to let film go through the
>carry-on scanner, especially slow film (ISO 100 or ISO 200). However, my wife
>will NEVER put any film through it, even ISO 50. As Art Wolfe points out in the
>article above, the effect is CUMULATIVE.
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