Yes the carry-on seems safe. I just returned from
SV9 and had film in the carry-on, it did survive
rundtrip SM2 - SV9 just fine, it was ISO 200 film.
By the way, if you go to Crete and the Chania airport
be prepared to stand in line a very very long time
to enter the terminal building. They just have one
X-ray machine and we had to stand in line outside
in the heath for more then 2 hours just to enter
the terminal building, sure was a big mess.

73 Jim SM2EKM

Jim Reisert AD1C wrote:
Here's a long-ish article about travelling with film:

NEVER NEVER EVER put film in your suitcase - those X-ray machines WILL KILL it.
 Put it in your carry-on instead.  It's often OK to let film go through the
carry-on scanner, especially slow film (ISO 100 or ISO 200). However, my wife
will NEVER put any film through it, even ISO 50. As Art Wolfe points out in the
article above, the effect is CUMULATIVE.

73 - Jim AD1C

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