Well, there is some confusion about the actual start time/date of legal USA 60meter band operations.... Some, like me, believe that if an airline says to depart at midnight July 3, it means that if you arrive at the airport at 11:30PM on July 3, you have a half hour until your flight.... this is how airlines give you times and dates. If so, I claim the first transatlantic QSO on 5.403.5 with G0HNW, Paul in Leeds, England at 0400Z on July 4.

However, if one thinks that midnight on July 3 is actually one minute before 12:01 AM on July 3, then my contact above was 24 hours late.

If my first guess is correct, I have used the established practice of telling time. If my second guess above is correct, once again ARRL has violated its own advice and used local time instead of UTC.

Either way the better opening time would have been 12:01 Z and all confusion would be settled. Guys on 60m that I asked were mixed in the opinion about the opening time... some said one above and some said two above.

Sigh.......at least my claim of the first transAtlantic SWL report on my 60m signals copied in England still stands, altho neither QST nor CQ took notice of it..... sigh, again...... 73,

Charles Harpole

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