A three man team from the Magnolia DX Association will be QRV from
Suriname (PZ), South America October 20-28, 2003. We will be operating
from the QTH of Ramon, PZ5RA. The primary goal of the trip is to activate
a first ever 2x1 PZ callsign for CQWW SSB. The Suriname licensing
authority has issued PZ5A for use during the contest. The MDXA contest
team consist of KD5CQT, K2FF and W5UE. We will be joined by our host,
PZ5RA to round out our M/2 effort. KD5CQT, K2FF and W5UE will be active
pre/post contest as PZ5CQ, PZ5FF and PZ5UE respectively on 10-160M on CW,
SSB and RTTY. We will also be active on 6M as the band allows. QSLs for
PZ5A will be via W5UE. Pre/post contest activity by individual team
members will be via the member's home call. Floyd, N5FG will be in daily
contact with the team while in Suriname and is acting as pilot for the
project. Contact Floyd at [EMAIL PROTECTED] or check the PZ5A web site linked
to the MDXA home page at http://www.mdxa.org for up-to-date information. 


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