Within the next 6 to 8 months, I will have ready a ham shack rental in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a single room air conditioned condo with American style bath on the top (14th) floor of a large condo building in north-central Bangkok, about 20 minutes from the airport. Automobile parking all around the condo. There are plenty of taxis and very large food court, and other shops are a part of the complex.

Radio is TS-50S with separate memory keyer, Bencher, Heil, and IBM laptop. All band wire antenna for now. Bringing your transmitter into Thailand is not legal without declaring it at upon arrival and waiting a month or more for approval of it. Operating license can be obtained in advance by writing (for citizens of USA, UK, and a few other countries) via recripocal agreements.

Contact me directly for more details if you are planning a stop-over in Bangkok in the future.

Thanks, 73,

Charles Harpole, HS0ZCW

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