Due to the HUGE number of unkwown user bounces, I am going to be 
going through and unsubscribing those accounts that bounce back to 

In the event you receive an unsubscribe message, DO NOT PANIC. It's 
probably because you address appeared on my list some how.  Since you 
did receive the message, it means you account is getting postings.  
Simply drop me a line with a copy of the unsubscribe post and I will 
correct everything.

Of course, if you haven't been getting the 1000's of posts every day 
that are sent, something is wrong on your end of the cable line.

And as always, those that let their mailboxes overflowth, become 
unsubscribeth verily and forsooth.

Until then, as Mr(s) Bartells and James once said. "We than you for 
your support"

Steven - KF2TI
Systems Administrator
NJDXA DXR Reflector

outgoing mail scanned with Norton's NAV2003

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