Ok,  gave this a try --- didn't work.

1.  Hawaii is NOT in the list of United States,
seems rather odd,  so I could fill in neither State
nor County.  ARRL form would allow nothing except
a selection from the list from which Hawaii was not

2.  I prepared an ADIF file from my Logic 6 log;
however,  I had no idea how to prepare  that
I only wanted QSO's from Nov. 6,  1996 to be
selected.  So I did the entire log which goes
back to late 1991.  Then I used Notepad to
"edit" the log, which I did by deleting all QSO's
from the long, long ADIF file.  So first entry in the
EXORT.ADI file was: 

<call:5>9K2GS <qso_date:8:d>19961217 
<time_on:6>042300 <rst_sent:2>59 <rst_rcvd:2>59 
<mode:3>SSB <band:3>20M <dxcc:3:n>348 
<qsl_sent:1>Y <qsl_rcvd:1>Y <comment:8>DXCCSUB: 
<cont:2>AS <cqz:2>21 <ituz:2>39 <eor>

The above seems to be one complete ADIF log entry.  There
was nothing else other than a great long list of the above
sort of entries.

So,  I proceeded to the place where you do the process
to "sign" the log;  this is where the process stopped.
I was given the message, "The data in line 21 is
outside the range specified"  or some such.  It went
away before I could respond.  Next thing I was told
was that the program was no longer responding,  hi.

Any thought on what to do now,  start over or????

73,  Jim  KH7M

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