I.C.P.O. Bulletin (coverage: Aug 01 - 14, 2003)
Islands, Castles & Portable Operations - "I.C.P.O."
Operations are listed by start date (Day/Month/Year)
01/08/2003:  Thomas, DL1ASA, will be on holiday on Gozo Island (EU-023) from
August 1st to 15th. His callsign will be 9H3TM. Activity will be on all HF
bands on CW, SSB, RTTY and will participate in the WAE-CW Contest (August
9-10). He will enter the contest as a Single-OP in Low-Power. QSL is 'OK'
via the DARC bureau. [Tnx OPDX]

01/08/2003:  Look for Peter, DU9/DK2PR/p, and Bert, DU9/DK2BR/p, to be QRV
from Samal Island, Mindanao's Coastal Islands (OC-235), between 12:00 UTC
August 1st until 02:00 UTC August 4th. Due the callsigns are very similar,
listen carefully! They will be using IC 706 MK2G on 15m + 20m on the usual
IOTA frequencies, possibly with 2 stations at the same time. Peter prefers
cw-mode and Bert phone-mode. QSL via their home calls, direct or bureau.
[Tnx DL1BKK]

01/08/2003:  Look for Bruce to be QRV from NA-131 between 01:00 UTC August
1st to 20:00 UTC August 4th. Activity will be on both CW (14028 or 14040
kHz) and SSB (14260 kHz +/-). Bruce will be signing KD6WW/VY0. QSL via his
home call, direct or bureau. E-mail bureau QSL request can also be made at

01/08/2003:  Look for Leonardo, LC/IW5DEZ/P, and Stefano, LC/IW5DPF/P, to be
QRV during their evenings on 6 metres from Norway (Lofoten Islands, EU-076
and NordKapp) between August 1st and 20th. QSL via home calls direct (P.O.
Box 30, 50018 Scandicci - FI, Italy) or bureau. [Tnx 425DXN]

01/08/2003:  Look for UE3WFF to be QRV August 1st to 3rd from the Natural
reserve 'Tsentralno-tchernozemny' (RFF-97 for the Russian Flora and Fauna
Award, KU-28 for the Russian Districts Award). Activity will be on 160
through 10 meter HF, 2 meter VHF and 70cm UHF, on CW, SSB and digital modes.
QSL via operator's instructions. [Tnx RU3GN]

02/08/2003:  Look for Giovanni IK8LIU, Enzo IK8YTG, Fabio IZ1EGT, Marco
IZ7DOK, Oreste IZ8EDJ and Francesco IZ8EQF will be QRV (as either IC8M or
IC8/IK8LIU on HF and 6 metres, SSB and CW) August 2nd and 3rd from Licosa
Island (IOTA EU-031, IIA SA-001). QSL via IZ8EDJ. [Tnx 425DXN]

02/08/2003:  Toni, IK3SSW/p, plans to activate Porta Santi Quaranta di
Treviso (DCI reference TV-022 for the Italian Castles Award) and Torrione di
San Marco di Treviso (DCI reference TV-044). Activity will be on August 2nd,
using 40 and 20 meters. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [Tnx IK3SSW]

02/08/2003:  The team of IK8PGM, IT9EJE, IT9EJW, IT9FCC, IT9HLN and IW9HDS
will operate as IT9EJW/P (SSB and CW on 10-15 metres) and IW9HDS/P (AO-40
and other satellite operation) from Pietra di Patti (EU-166, IIA ME-030)
August 2nd and 3rd. They will also be active as IT9FCC/P from Scoglio di
Patti (EU-166, new one for the Italian Islands Award: ME-038) during the
daylight hours. QSLs via home calls, direct or bureau. [Tnx 425DXN]

02/08/2003:  Peter, MM5PSL/p, will be QRV August 2nd to 6th from Fair Isle
(IOTA EU-012, SCOTIA SH-09. WW Loc. IO99en) and Fair Isle South Lighthouse
(ARLHS reference SCO 079). He will be operating as much as possible and late
into the (UK/UTC) night. QSL direct to WA7OBH. [Tnx MM5PSL]

02/08/2003:  The Old Barney Amateur Radio Club will be operating N2OB from
the Barnegat Lighthouse (ARLHS USA-039), Long Beach Island, NJ (IOTA NA-111,
USI NJ-001S, Ocean county) on August 2nd, (rain date August 3rd) from
13:00-23:00 UTC. Operation will be primarily on or around 7240 and 14240 kHz
SSB and 146.835 MHz (-600 FM rpt). A special photo QSL is via N2OB, PO Box
345, Tuckerton, NJ 08087 USA. [Tnx OPDX]

02/08/2003:  Look for Jim, N3JV/p, to be QRV August 2nd from the Ponce de
Leon lighthouse (ARLHS reference USA 644). Activity will be between 14:00
UTC and 21:00 UTC, on or near usual ARLHS frequencies. QSL direct to N3JV
with SASE. [Tnx N3JV]

02/08/2003:  The Georgian Bay ARC (VE3OSR) will be back at Flower Pot Island
(CIsA ON-005, WW Loc. EN95eh) and Lighthouse (WLHA LH-0763, ARLHS CAN-181)
on August 2, 3 and 4, 2003. Activity will be on 80, 40 and 20 meters. Flower
Pot Island is in the Great Lakes on Georgian Bay. [Tnx VA3CJM]

02/08/2003:  Look for WB3AAL operating from the Lightship Chesapeake LV-116
(ARLHS USA-167) on the following weekends. Pan-American Lighthouse /
Lightship Weekend  August 2 and 3, 2003; International Lighthouse /
Lightship Weekend August 16 and 17, 2003. They will be operating CW and SSB
and maybe some PSK31. QSL via WB3AAL and include a SASE, SAE + sufficient
postage. [Tnx WB3AAL]

02/08/2003:  Robin, WE1MD/p, plans to activate Fort Point Lighthouse, (ARLHS
USA-296), Mouth of the Penobscot River, Maine (WW Loc. FN54ol, Waldo
county). Activity will be between 11:00 UTC and 23:00 UTC, August 2nd and
3rd. QSL via home call, direct (please include SASE / SAE + postage) or
bureau. [Tnx WE1MD]

02/08/2003:  Look for W2GB and WM2Z to be QRV between August 2nd and 3rd
from Little Gull Island (IOTA NA-026, USI NY-006S, Suffolk county) and
Lighthouse (WLH LH-0063, ARLHS USA-440). QSL direct to WM2Z. [Tnx W2GB]

02/08/2003:  Look for W2GB and WM2Z to be QRV between August 2nd and 3rd
from Long Beach Bar (IOTA NA-026, USI NY-021S, Nassau county) and Lighthouse
(WLH LH-2151, ARLHS USA-448). QSL direct to WM2Z. [Tnx W2GB]

02/08/2003:  Look for ZV7AA to be QRV from the Tamandare Lighthouse (DFB
reference PE-07 for the Brazilian Lighthouse Award, ARLHS reference BRA-102,
WW Loc. HI21kg). Activity will be on all bands 160 through 10 meter SSB, CW,
RTTY and PSK-31. QSL via PY7AA - Liga de Amadores Brasileira de Radio
Emissao LABRE-PE P. O. Box 1043 Recife - PE, BRASIL CEP 51001-970. [Tnx

03/08/2003:  Alberto, IK4HPU will be QRV as IS0/IK4HPU from Sardinia (IOTA
EU-024, IIA SD-001) between August 3rd and 21st. He also to operate on 6
metres and from a few islands for the Italian Islands Award programme. [Tnx

03/08/2003:  Ric, DL2VFR, will be QRV between August 3rd and 15th as
OZ/DL2VFR from Bornholm Island (EU-030, BO-001 for the Danish Islands
Award). Activity will be mainly CW on the HF bands, with some SSB and 6
metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [Tnx 425DXN]

03/08/2003:  Hiro, JA0SC, reports he will be QRV as T32SC from Christmas
Island (OC-024), East Kiribati, in early August. He will arrive on the 3rd
at 10:15 local time and depart on the 11th at 10:40 local time. Hiro plans
to operate on 20-10 metres mainly on RTTY and SSTV, and will participate in
the 26th JASTA SSTV Activity Contest. QSL direct to JA0SC. [Tnx 425DXN]

04/08/2003:  Look for 9A6XX, M0GMT, K9YO, N1SNB and 9K2RR to be active from
Western Samoa (OC-097) between August 4th and 14th. Operation will be on 160
through 6 meters, SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31. They will have 2 stations running
24 hours per day. QSL via N1SNB. [Tnx NG3K]

04/08/2003:  Karl, DK4ARL, will be QRV August 4th to 13th as OY/DK4ARL from
the Faroe Islands (EU-018). He prefers CW and SSB. Karl will be active from
a camping site. His mobile home will be his QTH. QSL via home call, through
the DARC bureau. [Tnx OPDX]

05/08/2003:  Dan, JA1PBV, reports he will operate as H44V from Guadalcanal
(OC-047), Solomon Islands, between August 5th and 9th and (along with Kazuo,
P29KM) as H40V from Temotu, Santa Cruz Islands (OC-100) August 11th through
16th. He will also sign P29SI from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (OC-034)
before going back to Japan around 20 August. [Tnx 425DXN]

05/08/2003:  Steve, K8FFO,will be QRV as ZF2FF from Grand Cayman (NA-016)
between August 5th and 11th. Activity will be on 20 and 17 meters using CW
and SSB in the morning and afternoon each day. QSL via home call. [Tnx ARRL
DX News]

08/08/2003:  Ian, N8IK, will be QRV as C6AMK from Coco Cay, Bahamas, between
August 8th and 9th. Activity will be 40 meters CW only. QSL via N8IK. [Tnx

08/08/2003:  Freddy, IZ1EPM, plans to be QRV as II0P from Sardinia (IOTA
EU-024, IIA CA-001) between August 8th and 28th. During his /MM operations
(from JN51ax and hopefully JN50) he will use his home call. His main focus
will be on 6 metres, but he will also concentrate on 30 metres during his
evenings as well as on 12 and 17 metres during his mornings. QSL via IZ1EPM.
[Tnx 425DXN]

08/08/2003:  Look for Paul-Joel, F2YT, touring the Italian province of
Grossetto (I5) from Aug 8th to 31st. Using the callsign I/F2YT, he will be
active from a lot of Italian castles which count for the Italian Castles
Award (DCI). Ottavio, IK1PML, the well known QSL cards printer, will go with
him, at times. QSL via F2YT, either direct or via the bureau. [Tnx F5NQL]

09/08/2003:  Look for Byron, KC8WTP, to be QRV as KF8UN from Tappan Lake
Island (USI OH-New) between August 9th and 10th. Activity will be on all
bands 80 through 6 meters. QSL via QRZ.com. [Tks USI]

10/08/2003:  Mark, AA1AC, will operate as AA1AC/VP9 from the Hamilton
Parish, Bermuda (NA-005), during August 10 and 13th. No other details were
provided. QSL via home call. [Tnx OPDX]

10/08/2003:  Matt, IK2SGC, reports that he will be on North Caicos (NA-002)
as VP5/IK2SGC from August 10th through 19th. Activity will be on 160 through
10 meters and also 6 meters. QSL via home call. [Tnx OPDX]

10/08/2003:  Steve, W3HF, will be active as W3HF/4 from Bogue Banks Island
(IOTA NA-112, USI NC-010S, Grid Loc. FM14, Carteret County), North Carolina,
from August 10th to 16th. Operation will be QRP on 40 through 15 meters.
Equipment will be a vertical and a Yaesu FT-817. Primary mode will be PSK,
with some SSB possible. (Steve requests that stations who want SSB operation
contact him before the trip [EMAIL PROTECTED] so he can gauge the demand.) This
operation qualifies for the APE (August PSK Expedition) endorsement from the
http://www.podxs.com/html/070_club.html . There is also a possibility of 6m
(PSK and/or SSB) operation, from either Steve or his nine-year-old son
Matthew (KB3JJV). QSL via home callsign, direct or bureau, or via W3HF/4 on
eQSL. [Tnx W3HF]

11/08/2003:  Dan, JA1PBV, reports he will operate, along with Kazuo, P29KM,
as H40V from Temotu, Santa Cruz Islands (OC-100) August 11th through 16th.
He will also sign P29SI from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (OC-034) before
going back to Japan around 20 August. [Tnx 425DXN]

12/08/2003:  Carlo, I4ALU, reports he will operate as PJ6/I4ALU from Saba
(NA-145) between August 12th and 23rd. Look for him on 40 through 10 meter
CW only. QSL via home call. [Tnx 425DXN]

14/08/2003:  Karl, DK4ARL, plans to be QRV August 14th to 21st from Iceland
(EU-021). QSL via home call, through the DARC bureau. [Tnx OPDX]
73 and Good Hunting!
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