Hi All,
Wanted to thank everyone who tried and successfully worked us in the Lesotho (La-su-too) and Swaziland recently.  Even though the bands were not very good to NA/SA we worked many EU and JA stations.  
Some DX services have incorrectly reported the QSL routes for the following calls, please update your records.
7P8DA  via K4YL
3DA0SV  via  K4YL
Stephen Grose, K4YL
PO Box 183
Flat Rock, NC 28731-0183
Email Stephen for QSL details [EMAIL PROTECTED]   
Please see www.K4SV.com/lesotho.html for 7P8DA info and www.K4SV.com/swaziland.html  for 3DA0SV info.
The Logs can be viewed at www.K4SV.com under the orange box.

Dave, K4SV
Asheville, NC

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