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Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 18:25:06 -0700
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Subject: Timor Leste
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           Statement of JA1BK concerning the status of Timor Leste
Nelson Moyer, [EMAIL PROTECTED], has reported  DXCC Desk manager Bill Moore's ARRL's   comments that UNTAET/4W and Timor Leste  are  the same DXCC entity and Nelson guessed  that "... Stu's and Kan's petition has been denied."
That is not the case.  The petitions are very much alive and are under consideration by ARRL. They are partially based on the addition of the United Nations to the entity list even though this violated DXCC2000. The person who added UNTAET/4W to the list mistakenly thought that ITU had allocated the 4WA-4WZ bloc to UNTAET when in fact it had been allocated to the United Nations.  A mistake was made.
Many of you dxers treat DXCC as a game, and so it is.  But since you're spending much of your life playing it, why not read the rules just once at
I myself in a few days as 4W1BK made 3,503 QSOs with 2400 stations in May of this year, many with contacts on several bands and modes, and 4W1DN (JR2KDN) worked other stations.  I am optimistic that the petitions will be accepted and immediately thereafter several of us will reactivate 4W1BK (we still have Thor's Rhombic and Force 12) , and hopefully, all who need the new one will be in the log.
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