The NJDXA is going to transfer the DX-NEWS reflector to
the NJDXA.ORG mail server. There are several reasons for this
which primarly includes taking full responsibility for the operation
and cost of running the reflector.

         The List Management software on our server is several
version later that the one currently in use and has some great
features including the ability to perform filtering on messages
before they are sent to the list (like SPAM).

         Within the next few days you will receive a "Welcome"
message. This will NOT signal the start of the reflector on the
NJDXA.ORG mail server but rather a sign that the transition
has started. Continue to post to [EMAIL PROTECTED] until
you receive an actual notice that the switch has take place.
Once the change has taken place you will post messages

Additionally, you will have the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe to 
the daily digest format with the same ease with which you can 
subscribe/unsubscribe to the main DXR Reflector.  Right now I have
to manually do that.

There will also be several other goodies presented once this is 

Just more from those lovable DX'ers at the North Jersey DX 

Steven - KF2TI
Systems Administrator
NJDXA DXR Reflector

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