We are seeing several messages inquiring about the welcome message 
they are getting.

Urb is in the process of moving the DXR from its current provider to 
our own NJDXA server.  To this anyone subscribed as of this morning 
was resubscribed to the njdxa.org server, hence the new welcome.

At this point, posts will still be made thru pro-usa.  Sometime next 
week, and you will be advised via the reflector, we will throw the 
final switchg and ann posts will come in thru [EMAIL PROTECTED]

You will be asked to change the posting address.  That's it plain and 

Hope you had a good weekend  Summers just about over, unless of 
course you live down under and then spring is right around the corner

Steven - KF2TI
Systems Administrator
NJDXA DXR Reflector

outgoing mail scanned with Norton's NAV2003

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