Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 20:59:23 -0400
From: Phil Florig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Info from 4S7NE

Hi all,

Have been conversing with Nelson and he asked me to pass this info around.

In part from his e-mails:

>At 11:19 PM 08/12/2003 +0600, you wrote:
>> Dear Phil, Thanks for ur e/mail. Sorry I never received your QSL.
>>That address is my former morning QTH . I retired in January 2000
>>and have no QRV with that place. I am ok in or Buckmasters.
>>When sending QSL do not bother to send self addressed envelopes
>>coz there are some persons in the postal dept who open up
>>envelopes that are fat as they think that they are money in it . If
>>you do bother, please send only postage and QSL card only. Pass
>>this message to other Hams as well. My address is Nelson
>>Ranasinghe, No 18, Katana Housing Scheme. Demanhandiya. 11270, Sri
>>Lanka..Sorry for what had happened. If you could e/mail the details
>>of the contact I will try to send u a QSL at the meantime.Best 73s
>>Nelson 4S7NE

Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 23:02:20 +0600
Dear Phil thanks for ur reply. Will send u a QSL for the Contact . Green stamp preferred
please secure the envelope well with some celotape so that no one could open .
do not send self addressed envelope. Best 73s Nelson

To summarize when sending direct for a qsl:

--Send only QSL card and GS in envelope. (I suggest $2 as Nelson will be supplying the envelope)
--Seal envelope with tape.
--Do NOT send return envelope.
--Use this address:
Nelson Ranasinghe
No 18, Katana Housing Scheme
Demanhandiya. 11270, Sri Lanka

Hope this helps someone.

73 Phil W9IXX (/4)

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