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Hi All

I realise this is not truely DX related at this stage but I am trying to connect a FT 1000 MP MK V to a TL 922 Linear.

The problem I am having is where to connect cables other than the coax.

Previously I used a Yaesu FRB - 757 relay box on my old FT 757.

Could someone please tell me how to connect the FT1000 MP Mk V to the TL922 and what cables and sockets/jacks to use. I would ultimately like to get the MD 100 Microphone to trigger the ON AIR Led on the TL922.

I appreciate your help



Hi Ken,
I have a 922 and MP set up here as follows,

922                                                   MP
ALC OUT (black)--------------------------------EXT ALC
RL CONT (Red)----------------------------------TX GND

I have adjusted Menu 7.5 to 0.20 so the Amp relay does not drop out on CW.

Steve G4OWT
Steve G4OWT

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