Paul advised me that this problem is fixed in the new release.


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  Not sure if you are talking about the same printing problem as others,
especially since you mention 'labels'. The problem I (and others) are
experiencing with 5.03 is that when printing in landscape mode, only the
first page prints in landscape. Printing then reverts to portrait for page 2
thru whatever. I use an Epson 880 and a NEC Superscript 870 and they both
act the same way. Also, the problem does not exist on 5.02.

Mike / W8DN

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I too bashed :-) DX4WIN for a long time as my printing problem when I had a
Epson 440.
I had no problems with ANY OTHER software printing labels correctly on the
440, so it had to be DX4WIN's label problem.................

Well I bought and installed a Epson PHOTO 820  ALL LABELS PRINT PERFECTLY.

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