Many of DX4WIN users are surely also using the CW Skimmer, which is a perfect 
tool for CW contacts. Unfortunately, clicking on the Skimmer's callsign doesn't 
populate DX4WIN callsign field. The only way to do it is to link Skimmer via 
Telnet to DX4WIN local cluster and click on the callsign on the Cluster window, 
not at all practical for real-time use when wanting to answer just appearing 
station shown on the Skimmer box.I asked Alex VE3NEA if he could do something 
about it. Here is my question and his response:
"Responding  to a station  in real time when just seen and clicked on the 
Skimmer window should at the  same time automatically enter the call in the 
logger  (in my case DX4WIN), providing that logger's cluster is already 
connected to the Skimmer's telnet port. This would allow fast 
As it is now, one has to click on the spot transferred from Skimmer Telnet port 
to the logger cluster port, what is not very convenient for real time 
operation, like contests, when the band cluster display gets over- crowded."
Alex answered:"CW Skimmer notifies the connected programs of the mouse clicks 
on the calls. Some loggers make use of these notifications, some 
don't. If DX4WIN doesn't, please bring its author's attention to this.
73 Alex VE3NEA"
So, I think it would be greatly appreciated if the next issue of DW4WIN takes 
care of this.
73, Radi F6GNZ
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