Good morning

DX4WIN was running fine last night.  I logged a QSO this morning.  Then
something froze up resulting in a reboot of the computer.  Now when I bring
up DX4WIN the first thing I see is a pop-up saying "This is not a DX4WIN
Logfile"  I click "OK" on that and then it partially opens - I get the top
bar.  Click on "OPEN" to try to bring up a log (They're all there in the
save directory) and it loads the QSO entry window but nothing else, and I
get a pop-up with "An exception occurred!  Access violation at address
00627A28 in module 'dx4win.exe'  Read of address 00000008"  when I try to
do anything with that, like try to navigate through the log, etc.

I presume something got corrupted by something.  Any suggestions?  (Might I
need to reinstall DX4WIN?)


73, Mike K9NW
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