Do not delete the countries from the database!


Simply add an end date.


1.      Close your current log file
2.      Go to File - Databases - Countries
3.      Click Country, then Find
4.      Scroll to Kure Island
5.      Double-click on Kure Island
6.      KH7K should show in the upper left hand corner
7.      Enter August 26, 2016 in the End Date box  (08/26/2016 or 26/08/2016
depending on your setting)
8.      Click on Country, then Update (very important)
9.      Click on Country, then Find
10.     Scroll to Midway Is
11.     Double Click on Midway Island
12.     Add august 26, 2016 to End Date box
13.     Click Country, then Update
14.     Click File, then Save Changes and Exit


If you do a Report, Summary, your DXCC available total should now show 337.



John K9EL


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