On 27-Apr-17 18:21, Dan Violette wrote:
Mine match in my records so can't investigate my own.  Maybe you worked a
station (more than one or one more than once) that their operation was later
disallowed and the confirmations removed.  I do not know how they remove
LoTW QSLs for illegal operations.  For paper QSLs they catch it if you try
to submit.  Dan KI6X

I doubt that's the case, but have no intention to investigate a one QSL discrepancy. Years ago I tracked a similar discrepancy to a W1 callsign that was confirmed, then the record disappeared only to show up again a few months (?) later. I suspect LoTW has a few glitches that they try to keep on the down low and not advertise too much.

Registering for LoTW is fairly involved and secure, as it should be, so that's why I think it's not a question of removing an invalid log, but of course, I can't be sure.

The mismatch is in the total QSL count reported and the amount of QSLs reported for all my callsigns under Statistics, like PY2YP described. Weird, but nothing to lose sleep for.


Zoran WA7AA
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