I recently upgraded from v4.07 to

It has some changed behavior and I'd like to get some help.

Mostly I am a contester. For contesting, I use N1MM+ logger.

After the contest, I export the log in ADIF from N1MM+ and import it to DX4WIN.

I am interested in certain awards like the DX Challenge, where I can only qualify for the award if I am actually the operator for the contact, not just the callsign holder.

So previously, with v4.07, before I import the ADIF file, I would edit it, changing the tag 'OPERATOR' to 'COMMENT'.

This made the operator callsign appear in the 'Notes for this QSO' field in DX4WIN. I could then use group numbers to separate QSOs I actually made from QSOs made by other operators.

When I attempt this in v9, the call sign now appears in 'Notes for this Call' field. Furthermore, when I do a filter looking for my call, it logically ORs the data in that field.

I believe the root of the problem is that v9 now imports 'COMMENT' into 'Notes for this CALL', when it used to import to 'Notes for this QSO'.

Is there a way to change this?

Alternately, is there another ADIF tag that would direct the data to the 'Notes for this QSO' field, which is not OR'd by a search?

This change was made somewhere between v4.07 and v9 - so it may not be unique to v9.


-Tony, K1KP

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