On 10-Dec-17 14:55, Ron Polityka wrote:

  Today while doing a little Hunt and Peck in the ARRL 10 meter contest I
notice an issue with the bearing heading in the latest upgrade.

  I heard a station in Prince Georges County in MD. I live in Eastern PA in
Berks County.

The DX4Win program is telling me to turn the beam towards the 262' bearing.
I am using the latest Flying horse CB on CD. But according to the QRZ web
site the bearing should be 210'. This is a 52' difference.

  I doubled check my Preferences on the Grid Locator and Longitude and
Latitude and all is correct.

  Just wondering if there is something I am missing or is there a small issue
with the bearing in the program.

DX4Win uses the following parameters in the order of preference to determine the US stn to US stn bearing (disclaimer: as far as I know):

1. Grid (only if the station had already been logged with a grid filled) or op enters it manually
2. State (if known, maps the bearing to center of state?)
3. Country (bearing from the Countries db, probably Washington DC)

This means that bearings may vary wildly for US-US contacts, especially for close stations, and unless the Flying Horse supplies the grid, disregard them.


Zoran WA7AA
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