Hey all,


Due to a data loss long ago, I need to manually merge my country files

to get the proper mappings.  The Updater program never worked

correctly, hence my using the customary manual method of merging

country files, i.e. saving the "old" file in a temp directory, moving

the new file into the save directory then merging via the program menu,

Program/Databases/.   I receive the following error:


"Country editor unavailable."


In the new Version 9 it appears that function either has changed,

isn't working (for me) or it's just not there.


Before I can roll over to the new Version 9, I must first resolve this

Any thoughts or suggestions as to how I can perform a merge of the old

and new country file would be helpful.  Thanx for your time and


                               73 de K2WK - Walt - Gordonsville - Virginia

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