Anybody out there still using XP has noticed the same problem?
Moreover also the CW Keyboard windows does not update, sowhen you change speed 
with Alt-F9 or Alt-F10 CW speedactually changes but you are not aware, since 
the caption doesnot reflect the change. You need to click on the QSO windowto 
get it updated.It is pretty unusable with a behavior like this.
Paul, any news about a fix?
I went back to 8.05 in the timeframe. --
Bob, I2WIJ

>Hi all,it happens that moving in the log with page-up page-down>the correlate 
>windows Country, WAZ, IOTA, WPX, Same Call,etc. >follow the QSO for what 
>concern the flags of band&mode, 
>while the caption of the windows doesn't.>If I click anywhere on the window it 
>updates the caption.
>This doesn't happen on the W7 computer,but I still use XP for the 
>station.>Please some hint, tnx. 73--
>Bob, I2WIJ
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