Upgraded to 9.03 from Ver8+

All went smooth thanks to the work of Paul and Jim as well as many others.

A couple of questions:

1) The fonts that show as window info IE: Packet Window Function Key Fonts SH/DX, WWV, Msg appear smaller and a lighter font color.

Any way to increase the boldness of that font or resize just a bit larger?

2) This one will be a more complex issue I'm certain.

My "Radio 2" is a IC-746PRO. It has been modified to be an SDR RX and I use it with SDR Console V3 (SDRC) software. SDRC tracks my IC-746PRO using OMNIRIG.

Is there a way to have DX4Win V9 control SDRCs OMNIRIG so that I can click on DX Spots in DX4Win and have my 746pro QSY to that spot?

When I setup the Radio 2 option in DX4Win it sees SDRC using Com 3 already and wont allow it to be set up. If there is a way to set the 746PRO as radio 2, SDRC will track and QSY when commanded. Likewise if I start DX4Win 1st, Omnirig wont allow SDRC to open the radio.

Any ideas?

Thank you. Kirk, N0KK

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