I have a friend that is running DX4WIN ver 8.05 on a Windows XP computer.

He has not updated DX4WIN lately cause to the missing Microsoft Visual C++.
That part has been fixed.

Somehow he succeeded to type in some QSOs with Z60A, Kosovo before the
DX4WIN has been updated with the DXCC Kosovo.

Now when he starting the DX4WIN and the log this error is coming up:

"TAwardSystem. AddEntry (C: \dx4win_scr\awdmgr.pas, line 558)

And then log this is coming up:

Access violation at address 00627A28 in module "dx4win.exe". Read of address

Any suggestions to fix the program / log?

73 Joe, OZ0J
Skype ID from the shack: onair-oz0j.dk

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