Hi, I just purchased version 9 and looking forward to getting installed on my 
Ham PC.  In the past, when a new version was offered, I just copied my DX4Win 
log file from the previous version into the new version.  Is this still 
acceptable or should I actually import the log file into ver. 9xxx?  I’ve been 
reading most of the reflector posts regarding this new version but I may have 
missed where anyone posted that question.  

I wasn’t going to upgrade because version 8 has been an awesome program for my 
older radio equipment but there are 4 reasons why I decided purchased 9xxx.  
1 – I wanted to do my part to ensure that Paul got financially rewarded for his 
and others hard work!
2 – I also wanted to be able to import my FT8 log without having to play games 
with the mode and…
3 – DX4Win ver. 8’s display on Windows 10 is very blah and the windows are non- 
distinctive .  Win10 just doesn’t seem to offer the  various tinted title bars 
with a bolder color for the selected window like XP and Win 7 did.  Now that 
the DX4Win skin selections work properly, I can get a nice distinction between 
4 – With all the unbelievable support from Jim (AD1C) and several others, who 
could ever ask for more from a logging program!

Thank you and 73,
John  (N1JP) 

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