Thank you Kostas, that fixed it. 

There were already some number settings there that I assumed sent the window 
into outer space. I replaced them with 0 (zeros) as you instructed. When I 
opened DX4WIN my IOTA window was in the upper left corner (the result of the 
zero settings). I was able to click and move it where I want it and all is FB.

I will definitely keep your email in my DX4WIN info folder in case it ever 
happens to another window. I did search the help files and opened the DOC: User 
Manual but could not find this info. 

Yours was the only response to my request. I could not figure this one out on 
my own but now I understand the process on how the windows remember where they 
are supposed to be positioned.

BTW you are in my log in 2005 and again 2010, and maybe as an OP from EP6T in 

TU & 73
Alan K7ACZ

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Backup everything in case something goes bad.

Go to window>iota. I suppose it is checked. Click on it and press 
Alt+F4. This will close it.

Close dx4win

In dx4win>save directory find config.txt

Open it with notepad and search for [W-IOTA]

You will see something like this below


but with different numbers




Save the config file, open the dx4win and go to preferences. Load the just 
saved config file and open iota window.

It should appear somewhere on the left top of the screen

...73 de Kostas SV1DPI
   (One of SZ1A-EP6T)

Στις 8/2/2018 4:16 πμ, ο Alan Zack έγραψε:
> I have been using the new ver 9 since November last year with no 
> problems.
> I recently connected an EXT HD to my PC via a USB connection. DX4WIN 
> has a provision for backing up to an EXT HD via 
> PREFERENCES/QSO/SECONDARY BACKUP. I clicked on this window and a list 
> of my files on my PC appeared. I scrolled down and clicked on my new 
> HD shown as F:  Before I could even save my changes DX4WIN crashed.
> When I tried to open it again all I got was the little window that 
> will send crash data to Paul. I could never get D4W to open again. I 
> saved my ini file, license, and dxl files in a separate folder then 
> uninstalled D4W. I then installed a new fresh D4W. I seem to be back 
> to normal again. I used HELP/CHECK FOR UPDATES and updated to ver 
> Only problem is I lost my IOTA window. On my WINDOW drop down menu I 
> have COUNTRY, SAME CALL, IOTA, and WORLD MAP selected. I suspect my 
> IOTA window is open but is somehow off screen. I have moved all the 
> other windows around and closed them one by one but can't find where 
> the IOTA window is hiding. I am using a 22/23 inch screen. Any 
> suggestions on how to find it again?
> And any idea why it crashed when I selected a EXT HD for my secondary 
> backup? It never recovered.
> Alan K7ACZ

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