I have found that sometimes the entry in the DXCC_QSLs... file (that you 
download from LoTW to show DXCC confirmations) has the wrong date.  The date 
seems to be "guessed" by LoTW.  For instance, the confirmation QSO date for a 
QSO says 19890101 when in reality the date of the QSO was 19890304.  In this 
case, do you create a "dummy" QSO for 19890101 and, perhaps via "Notes for this 
QSO", point to the QSO in your log when you "really" worked them?

Or do you just keep track of the QSOs in DXCCQSLs that are wrong and ignore 
them when they are shown as "unmatched" in your log?

Other ideas?

Thanks & 73,
Lee  N7NU

P.S.  Another date I have seen many times is 19451115; the date that DXCC 
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