I found the answer...  During the CQ WPX this past weekend, I moved all the MMTTY windows to the second screen to give me more room on the main screen...  I normally leave the second screen turned off...  Yup as soon as I turned the screen on, there was the MMTTY screen...  All I had to do was to drag the MMTTY screen back to the main monitor...  Problem solved...

Glad to find out it wasn't anything to do with DX4Win, just a forgetful operator...

Steve, N4DXS

On 2/12/2018 4:53 PM, Stephen R. Veader wrote:
Need some help...

My MMTTY window has minimized and will not let me restore it... The RTTY window is fine and I can see the MMTTY program in the task bar but can not get the window to open.  RTTY window is still receiving and I am able to send but just no MMTTY scope..

Steve, N4DXS

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