I’ve been working with Paul (I believe that’s the name)…on getting my Yaesu
FT DX 1200 to interface properly with DX4WIN. He recently sent me a new
radio file for the 1200…based on the Yaesu FT DX 3000 I do believe. Anyway,
everything works well….EXCEPT….when you grab a DX Spot off a cluster, every
“odd” time you grab a spot, it sets the VFO B to “lock”. In other words,
grab your first spot…..VFO B suddenly shows locked (which you can clear it
by hitting the CLEAR button). Grabbing a SECOND spot, toggles the VFO B
back to “unlocked”. And so on.

The only real issue with VFO B being locked is if you are working split….of
course, you can’t change the VFO B frequency….which is your TX freq. This
can of course be an issue when you’re trying to select the correct TX freq
to work the DX station split. Again, you have to hit the CLEAR button to
unlock VFO B….that’s the KP&W (Known Problems and Workarounds) ….as we call
it in the software industry.

So, has anyone with a 1200 interfacing with DX4WIN played with the radio
file settings and got that VFO B lock to stop happening? For that matter,
is everyone else with this SAME configuration having that issue?

Thanks, K4TK
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