I have been using DX4WIN for about 20 yeas across several brands of radio, all 
to good success.  I am currently at DW4WIN rev 8.05 and have been using a KX3 
with DX4WIN for about a year, also with good success.  As I have grown more 
comfortable with the KX3 over my 1st year using it I now want to send CAT 
commands from within DX4WIN to the KX3.  The KX3 has internal capability to 
send and decode RTTY, PSK and CW.  If a command such as {CATA1ASC KYW THANKS ;} 
is sent to the radio the radio will transmit out THANKS in the appropriate mode 
without any external keying coming in from a COM PORT etc.  Can someone tell me 
the right way to get CAT commands sent to the KX3 inside DX4WIN?

My first attempt has been to place that character string into an F key 
character string on the CW keyboard.   All by itself, nothing in front of it or 
in back of it.  The string gradually moves from right to left as if the rig was 
sending characters but the radio never goes into transmit.  Under Preferences, 
I have the radio set up as Elecraft K3 X4.  The rig and the software integrate 
seamlessly on all other aspects such as  double clicking on packet spots to 
have the radio  jump to that frequency and mode.

Thanks for your help.

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