Thanks, but this isn't what I'm looking to do. 

I want to the QSOs to be printed in chronological order from the first QSO
on the first label to the last (most recent) as the last QSO on the last

As things stand, the printing oprder is somewhat arbitrary. 

In one case of 7 QSOs to the same callsign, there are three labels -- one
label has one QSO, another has two and the third has four. The QSOs on both
the second and third label are not in order.

How do I remedy that? 

Eric W3DQ  

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Click F8, type in station call sign, hit enter All QSOs with that station
will be displayed in logbook window Click QSLs tab, Set QSL Label flag,
follow prompts Click Print QSL labels under same QSLs tab Select the custom
label that you would like to use Uncheck most Print options (Group Names,
Method Labels, etc.)  I only use Print Via Manager Click on Edit and review
format Multiple QSOs should be showing in the preview You can uncheck
Commercial to free up more space for QSOs Go back to main Print QSL labels
pop up window Click on Print, follow prompts Labels should print

I can normally get up to 4 QSOs to print on one label.

Hope this helps.

Trying to work 3D2ER on 160M while I type this!



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I can't get this to work.

I have multiple QSOs with a single station, and would like to print labels,
each with multiple QSOs in chronological order.

How do I do that?

Eric W3DQ

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