Hello Bob,

The current version is, but that should update as well when you
do "check for updates".  I'm afraid this one is above my paygrade and either
Paul or Jim will have to help you out.  One difference in mine: 
Download : http://www.dx4win.com/files/updatesv9/update.INF 
but I don't know if that is significant.

Mike Cizek WØVTT

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Hi Mike,

Here is what I do ....

I check for updates,
and I get a pop-up of a smaller inside box that 
says "No Updates were installed".

I click the "OK" that is inside this box,
and box disappears.

I click "files" and I get nothing in the way of a reply

I click "status", and I get the below:

Start update : Non threaded update ---------------------------
OS version : Windows 7
IE version : 9.0000
Compiler : D7
Installed IDEs :
Start WebUpdate process with version :
Checking for Internet connection
Found open Internet connection
Download : http://www.dx4win.com/index.html?version-9_01.htm.INF
Update control file found
Checksum based update found
Closed Internet connection
Closed Internet connection
Just as a "whatever" check to see what I might see...

I try to log a QSO using "VERSION" as the callsign,
and the QSL Mgr date shown is 30-OCT-2017

When I try to log Z60A, no country shows up.
When I log 3D2EU, I get Fiji
Thanks for your time and offered forth help.
Bob, N5RP
I remain "duh!?"

At 09:14 3/7/2018, you wrote:
>Hello Bob,
>In the menu bar at the top:
>Help > Check for updates > OK
>A list of new files will appear and you will be able to see which ones are
>being updated.  Both Z60A and 3D2EU are included in the most recent country
>Mike Cizek WØVTT
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>Subject: [Dx4win] Country updates
>Sorrry to trouble out there, but ...
>For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to update the country
>lists for version 9.03.
>Under 8.0 versions of DX4WIN, the AD!C updater worked.
>Under 9.03, I am clueless as to "how", and exactly "what files" are
>3D2EU and Z60A QSO's escape proper country recognition in my 9.03 DX4WIN.
>Bob, N5RP
>Bob, N5RP
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