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I've been out of town since 2/1/18. When I got home today, I tried to run 
DX4WIN Updater. It appeared to update itself to a new version. 

Then, when I tried to run it, it said Version is not supported by 
the Updater. It recommended I go to Help and Check for Updates to my 
DX4WIN. But, I got the following message: 

Start update : Non threaded update --------------------------- 
OS version : Windows XP 
IE version : 8.0000 
Compiler : D7 
Installed IDEs : 
Start WebUpdate process with version : 
Checking for Internet connection 
Found open Internet connection 
Download : 
System error : The host name in the certificate is invalid or does not match 

Closed Internet connection 
Closed Internet connection 

Updater won't run and Check For Updates also can't update. 


TNX/73,     Bob  K8BL
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