Yes that is how I see it.  I know nothing other than pulling the plug is 100% 
secure but that doesn’t mean we need to be complacent either.


I think it is time to put an end date on XP compatibility for DX4WIN.


73 John ZL1BYZ.


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I suspect you already know the answer to your question. Yes, the security is 
weakened. Using a 17 year old

operating system connected to the Internet is not a recommended practice. 
Microsoft no longer supports the XP OS.

Weakening security for a small group of users puts everyone else at risk.


73, Mike W1USN


Si vis pacem, para bellum


Michael P. Rioux, CISSP-ISSEP <> 



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<> > wrote:


So how does that affect security for all of this.  Have we now all been put at 
more risk to satisfy those who want to run obsolete systems?

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XP users should try the update again ; Scott, KA9FOX, changed the website such 
that the files directory no longer requires an https connection. —Paul, KK4HD 

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