On 02-Apr-18 21:21, Steve Lund wrote:
Now that WAZ is available via LotW, I'm trying to get my DX4Win records to
agree with LotW.

Something seems to be broken.

For 80m Zone1, LotW shows WL7CG. When I select that QSO in the log, and set
the WAZ Band to 'S', KL7RA still shows up as the 80m Zone1 QSO, but it is
an 'M'.

I have other instances where the Report Generator records shows a 'C', but
another QSO has an 'S' in the logging window but it seems to be ignored.

I've also seen 'L' seem to take priority over 'S'. So far all of the failed
'S' entries have been LotW confirmations in 2018.

Any ideas?

Check to see if LoTW is enabled for WAZ in the Award Setup (Reports -> Awards -> WAZ tab -> Confirmation -> check LoTW if it isn't). That might be it.


Zoran WA7AA
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